Need cargo gondolas to transport cargo?

No matter how specific the requirements of your business may be when they are related to the transport of bulk cargo, the more specifically and precisely we work at TC Logistics. With us you find a number of types of transport of oversized and standard loads.

Cargo gondolas

All this is managed by quality logistics, which is a guarantee for the fulfillment of each of your requests to us at a high level.

Here we offer you a different type of gondola. This type of vehicles and vehicles for specific loads are suitable for transporting a number of materials.

They are often used for a variety of bulk cargo. An example of this are the different types of felt, sand and other types of building materials used in the production of concrete.

These are a major part of the applications for which gondolas are a means of transport from one point to another.

The level of logistics and forwarding services that you find with us in Trans Cement are of the highest level and are definitely high, according to the requirements of your business. We have experienced professionals who successfully maintain a high level of training and skills.

This also leads to the expected reliability in the transportation of goods and different types of elements with the help of gondolas .

The execution time is important for us as well as for you. It is a factor we do not forget. The direct execution of each transport request depends on it. It is also a criterion by which you can be judged for any logistics activity you need, whether you do it with a gondola or a cargo tank .

Our gondolas will equally adequately meet any standard or especially transport requirement for the transport of goods. Your criteria for the gondolas we offer are ways of working with us.

Each service for which you need gondola transport is clearly defined, consulted with us and your needs. Thus consulted deliveries arrive reliably where and when needed.

Features of the cargo gondolas we offer

  • Length – 10.70 m
  • Width – 2.10m
  • Height – 2.30m / 2.50m.
  • They are used for transportation of bulk (grain, corn, etc.) and aggregates (sand, gravel, etc.)

Are you looking for a reliable partner when you need gondolas? Trust the experience and professionalism of TC Logistics!