Any type of business that needs transport activities performed with tanks is a serious request that needs serious implementation. The transport of specific materials that require this type of container is something we have specialized in long enough.

Cargo tanks

The results of this are confidence in our own capabilities, which directly reflects on the quality service you receive with us whenever you need it.

Here at TC Logistics we offer you a wide selection of tanks that are designed to handle different amounts of specific cargo that requires this type of transport.
Proper logistics when using tanks is absolutely important when it comes to this type of specific cargo, which requires a higher level of attention during transport. You get this here with us, in combination with quality performance, timely deliveries and security, which in practice could not be assessed.

The specially equipped tanks, the reliable material base and the sufficient amount of experience help us for an even more innovative view of the business. Every situation related to logistics or transport that may surprise you and create problems is pre-thought and designed by our specialists.

The purpose of all this is to offer you a tank, which is the means and the way for your goods to arrive on time and on the spot. Quick, easy and safe.

Our tanks definitely cope well with any standard or especially transport requirements of modern business. Every single criterion and activity in which you specialize is an important and absolutely achievable goal. This happens with the help of our tanks. Regardless of the distances, specific conditions or requirements that accompany each transport, the tanks we offer for the transport of your goods are a reliable and safe way to receive and send the necessary cargo to the correct destination.

Characteristics of the tanks we offer

  • 6 cellular
  • Total useful volume – 36,100 liters
  • Volume of individual cells from 2,600 to 10,300 liters
  • Suitable for transport of liquid fuels.

Do you need modern solutions when you need cargo tanks or gondolas ? Trust our professionalism and you will be more than satisfied!