The high standard for each of our projects and especially logistics and transport services are among the main offers to our customers. This applies in full force to both current and all future customers who need specialized transport of sometimes even oversized goods and items.

Megatrailers flatbed trailers

We guarantee every specific logistics and activity we perform. We move the needs of your business correctly and on time, which we are aware are extremely specialized and precise. These two ends of the business relationship meet on a professional level.

We have secured our specialized fleet with our material base, with enough experience, with funds and an even more innovative view of the business. The aim is to bring to your attention megatrailers flatbed trailers, which are the means for your goods to arrive from point A to point B. Quickly, easily and absolutely safely.

These means of transportation will meet equally well any standard or special transport need that you and your business need. These criteria of your activity are the field in which we specialize well. No matter how close or far the object we need to get to.

Here you will find quality forwarding services, which are performed with the help of megatrailers flatbed trailers and strictly controlled logistics. We are aware that this is a very specific activity, so we do not specialize in the optimization of resources and skills when working for a common goal with our customers.

The loads that can be moved and transported over different distances with megatrail trailers are absolutely diverse and vary according to the type of business that uses them. This is the reason why we are absolutely flexible and accessible in our activities and logistics in this type of transport activities and tasks.

Megatrailers flatbed trailers have specific specifics that determine and allow their optimal use in a way convenient for our customers. The characteristics they possess work in favor of every activity they need. Characteristics of megatrailers flatbed trailers:

  • Length of cargo space – 13.6 m
  • Width of cargo space – 2.5 m
  • Useful internal height – 3 m
  • Axial load – 24 t.
  • It has a larger volume than standard semi-trailers.
  • Suitable for transport of: bricks, tiles, dry mixes, soft drinks, beer, insulation materials, paints, big bags, palletized machines and spare parts, seeds, flour and fertilizers in bags, preparations in plastic packaging and pallets, medicines, glass products, sanitary ware, tiles, granite, gypsum in bags, containers, steel products, pipes, profiles, joinery, furniture, etc.