Platforms are one of the most commonly used additions to vehicles today. There are a number of reasons for this, but the advantages are that they are extremely convenient for any type of cargo that allows it to be transported over long distances in this specific way. The types of loads can be extremely diverse. It all depends on what our customers need.
The logistics and forwarding services that you find with us in Transcement are of the highest level and category. Our specialists successfully maintain a high level of preparation and reliability in the transportation of goods and various types of items with the help of platforms.

Platform - trailer

The high standard of our services in the field of logistics and transport are among the main offers to our customers, combined with the solid dose of trust they can have in us.
This applies in full force to both current and all future customers who need specialized transport of sometimes even oversized goods and cargo.

What do we offer? Everything that can be seen, plus those things that guarantee successful logistics and transport activities. We move correctly and on time, according to the needs of your business, which we are aware are extremely specialized and precise.

Equipment, facilities, enough experience, resources and an even more innovative view of the business, we handle any situation that may surprise. The aim is to bring to your attention platforms that are the means and the way for your goods to arrive on time and on the spot. Quick, easy and safe.

Our platforms will meet equally well any standard or especially transport requirement. Every single criterion of your activity in which you specialize is important and absolutely achievable. This happens with the help of our platforms. Regardless of the distances, specific conditions or problems that accompany each transport.

With us you will find quality forwarding services. We perform them with the help of platforms, which are a well-known means of transport and strictly controlled logistics.

Loads that can be moved and transported over different distances with platforms – trailers are absolutely diverse and vary according to the type of business that uses them – equipment, food, different types of materials such as wood, metals, rebar and many others.

For this reason, we want to be absolutely flexible and accessible in our activities and logistics in this type of transport activities and tasks that your business needs every day.
The platforms have the specific features that determine and allow their optimal use in a way that ensures security in the transport of each type of cargo.

  • Length of cargo space – 13.6 m
  • Width of cargo space – 2.5 m
  • Easy and fast loading and unloading.
  • Suitable for transport of construction equipment, machinery, pipes, timber, scaffolding, metal structures and products.